Which Safe Is Right For Me?

Keeping valuables and important documents protected from theft or damage is a significant concern for many people and finding the right safe is a step that can help. With so many options, though, it can be challenging to know where to start looking or which features might be most suitable for your personal situation. If you’re looking for a new home safe, here are a few things to consider when making your choice.


Obviously, protecting valuable or important objects from theft is one of the most common reasons for investing in a good safe at home. Purchasing a low-quality safe that is easily broken into, however, defeats the point of having a safe at all. When you’re looking for a great safe that will defy potential burglary, you’ll want to ensure that your safe has a good locking mechanism and that the material is hard to get into or break.

The lock should be a combination lock since these are more difficult to break into than a key-based safe. While some safe-makers tout a high number of bolts and corresponding numbers, a longer combination does not necessarily make the safe harder to break. What you want to look for is a good-quality, artfully crafted locking mechanism.

You should also pay attention to the thickness of the material. Most good safes will be made out of steel since this is a durable and robust metal. When looking at safes, you’ll see a “gauge” number. This refers to the thickness of the steel. The lower the number, the thicker the safe will be. A 12-gauge safe is a perfectly fine thickness, but greater thicknesses are also available for extreme protection.

Damage Resistance

Two of the most common damages done to homes are the ones you’ll want your safe to resist: fire and water. An insulated safe can protect the things inside it from damage, and the thicker the steel, the better it will protect your items. When looking for a fire-resistant safe, you’ll likely see ratings in terms of time. A 30-minute fire-resistant safe is standard and is sufficient for most home uses.

Most typical home safes will have some degree of water-resistance, though it’s impossible to guarantee total waterproofing. When considering a safe, make sure that the specs indicate how water resistant it is in case of flooding or firehoses during a fire.

Size and Portability

The strength and damage resistance of your safe will mean nothing if it’s small and light enough for a single person to lift and remove. Ideally, your safe should be large and heavy enough that it is too difficult or time-consuming for a burglar to simply remove it from your home. You’ll also want to make sure that the safe is large enough to contain all of the items you want to be kept safe: essential documents, keepsakes, family heirlooms, and everything else should fit neatly inside.

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