A locksmith's hand can be seen using a screwdriver to interfere with a part of a door frame.

When Can A Locksmith Be Used?

The services of a locksmith can be incredibly helpful for getting you out of a pinch. They can turn a nightmare scenario into a funny story to tell your friends. It goes without saying that these services are greatly appreciated. But, did you know that picking locks isn’t the only thing that locksmiths can help you out with? They can actually perform a variety of different tasks for you besides what they’re most known for. So, when can a locksmith be used? We break down the scenarios below!

Testing Door Locks

The signs of your doors’ locking mechanisms being flawed or otherwise broken won’t always be the most noticeable. One thing that locksmiths can do is to test those locks to make sure they are structurally sound. They’ll be able to tell you any problems with it right away and work on fixing them. A lot of subtle lock issues can lead to them failing and needing a complete replacement, so testing your door locks is highly recommended.

Installing Door Locks

In the unfortunate event of a lock failure (or if they have to mess with it’s integrity to let you back into a place), you’ll need to replace your locking systems. That’s another one of the services that a locksmith can provide you! They’ll be able to help you install new locking systems and get the appropriate keys to match. In fact, installing a new locking mechanism can do a lot to improve its structural integrity!


If you fear that your home’s keys have been compromised and unwanted persons will have access to your belongings, turn to a locksmith! They can help you out with re-keying the locks on your home, giving them a completely different look that wouldn’t match the original key that you lost. This can be especially helpful for preventing break-ins and burglaries. You know what that means: re-keying can actually save you money!

Security Services At Ace Locksmith and Security Systems

When it comes to securing any building, Ace Locksmith and Security Systems is the best place to call! In addition to our locksmith services, we can provide security solutions to residencies, businesses, offices, government buildings and even health care centers. Our expert team will work with you to determine personalized solutions for your application and install them in a timely manner. You’ll get a much greater peace of mind and be able to control who can come in – and out – of your building. To get started on bolstering your security, click here to contact us directly!

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