What Are The Benefits Of Keyless Entry System For Your Business?

If  you own or run a business it might seem like the to-do list never ends, combined with the various unexpected situations that can arise in a day, there really is no telling what tomorrow will bring. Although it may seem like a minor aspect in terms of operations, implementing a keyless entry system can provide a variety of benefits, the main one being simplicity.

When it comes to day to day of running a business, replacing a lock and key should be the last thing on your mind as a business owner. Read our blog on how keyless entry can help improve your business on multiple fronts!

Increased Security

By adopting a digital or more advanced form of access you are taking great strides to increse the overall security of your facility, store or building. By opting for keyless you can control all access from the tip of your finger. Since FOBs are unique to each employee they cannot be duplicated without your knowledge. This also allows you to track who is trying to access what part of the building and can help t reduce any internal security threats as well as external. The benefit of this increase security reduces the need for many keys and replaces it with one. This means less time worrying about where a missing key might be, trying to get it back from a past employee, or any potential issued that are associated with physical keys.

Connect To Existing Security Systems

Depending on if you have a security system in place, most keyless entry systems can be integrated with a variety of security software, for full insight on integrating with your current system it is advised to consult with a professional!

Entry Tracking & Employee Safety

While some employees may not like the feeling of being “watched” this is not necessarily the purpose of keyless entry. Its design is moreso to protect and keep track of who is entering your office. This can include things such as ensuring that employees can gain access late at night or on the weekend without having to worry if they locked the door behind them. This is similarly beneficial for turning off an ex-employees access remotely so that they cannot enter the premises. A keyless entry system can help reduce unauthorized entry into your building, all while keeping a track record of when people come and go.

Lower Your Overhead

The cost may seem insignificant but if you stopped to think, over the course of time how much money have you spent on replacing keys, making duplicates, and replacing lock systems entirely. Removing the need for a key can greatly reduce the time spent tracking them down & replacing the lock entirely.  Reduce the need for physical entry and go keyless!

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