Intruder inside of a residential property with a wallet in view of the camera

Tips On Preventing Home Burglaries

As a residential homeowner, solidifying your property’s security systems should be of the utmost importance! Did you know that over 3,000 home burglaries happen every single day? Making sure that your household items are secure in their proper places is crucial for preventing theft, but you should also consider how your current security strategy plays a role. There’s always room for improvement, and doing so can do wonders for preventing the worst-case scenario. We’ll give you our top tips for controlling your home to stop potential burglaries below!

Install Visible Security Cameras

Business owners will know well that having security cameras visible and activated is the ultimate deterrent for potential intruders. After all, a criminal isn’t going to want their person in full view to gather evidence! The same is true for homeowners but to a smaller extent. You’re probably not going to need as many cameras as a retail store, but setting some up around your perimeter is always a good move. Having a doorbell camera installed is also a foolproof investment. The fewer blind spots your property has, the better shape it will be in!

Install More Exterior Lighting

Security cameras aren’t the only tool to help decrease your blind spots! In the areas where you have them set up, consider installing more exterior lighting. Especially if the area around your yard gets darker at night, potential intruders may be able to throw off cameras with the lack of illumination. With a combination of high-quality security cameras and bright exterior lights, there won’t be a ton of places for intruders to hide. They’ll look for darker areas without cameras in order to evade detection!

Get Locks For Your Pet Doors

Your home likely already has strong deadbolts and high-quality locks fastened to exterior doors (and you can always contact us if that isn’t the case!). If you’re a pet owner, however, your security may have weak points that you haven’t even considered yet! This is especially the case if you have doors for your dogs and cats. Many intruders won’t be able to fit all the way through them, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t gain access to your house through them! In order to plug up this weak point, consider installing locks for your pet doors. This will take a glaring flaw in your security and quickly eliminate it!

Residential Security Solutions From Ace Locksmith

There’s no area that’s more important to feel safe in than your own home! Ace Locksmith & Security Systems wants to ensure this quality for your home, which is why we’re proud to fit it with the most advanced security solutions on the market. Whether it be deadbolts, security cameras, or a keyless entry system, you can count on us to provide you with the best options to secure your property. Click here to contact us directly and give your home’s security a boost!

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