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The Most Common Gaps In Home Security Measures

Securing your home is one of the most important things you can do for it. Not only is it the home of all of your most prized possessions, it should also be a sanctuary for yourself! This is why having the appropriate security measures in place should be a must-have for any new homeowner. However, the biggest problem with home security is that you’ll likely have holes in your defense that you wouldn’t easily notice. We identify the most common gaps in home security measures and how you can amend them below!

No Place To Store Valuables

The logic behind not having a safe in your home is pretty understandable at first glance. You might think that just because your home is fitted with the right locks that all of your valuables are safe and sound. While this is true in theory, what happens when your security gets compromised? Thieves will have free and clear access to your belongings! Having multiple layers of security is paramount in case one of the layers ends up being compromised. By having a proper safe, your most valuable possessions will still be protected in case of a break-in.

Improper Locks on Sliding Doors

Patio doors can provide your home with a multitude of benefits, but that doesn’t mean that they are free of downsides. The big disadvantage to a sliding patio door is its locking mechanism, which can be manipulated pretty easily if someone has the right tools. This is where having added layers of security pays off! In order to further secure your patio door, install a latch on the inside. This way, you’ll need to unlock both the inside and outside of the door to secure access inside, making it harder for the system to be manipulated.

Spare Keys

If you think that you’ve found a good hiding spot for your spare key that won’t be noticed by intruders, think again! The most trained of thieves will even know how to spy fake rocks, so leaving a spare key outside can severely compromise your home’s security measures. To counteract this, you can install keyless lock methods that allow you to lock and unlock your home with the swipe of a card, typing of a passcode, or even opening an app on your phone! All options are safer than what you would get otherwise.

Upgrade Your Security With Ace Locksmith

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