Should I Get New Keys Or New Locks?

Whether it is due to a security issue or if for one reason or another you need to frequently change out locks (for example landlords or business owners), it can become quite costly to switch locks each time a tenant moves or an employee is let go. While keeping your home and office secure is important to you, it is important to look into cost-effective solutions that can help simplify the process and ultimately lower costs. This blog will highlight a few different approaches when it comes to locks and keys!

While Changing locks on a door can involve either replacing them or rekeying them. Both of these processes will ensure that any old key will be rendered useless upon future use. This is good for increasing security and ensuring that anyone who is not supposed to be somewhere, does not have the means to do so!

What Is Rekeying?

The process of Rekeying a lock is similar to replacing locks, however, the process is done to make a singular key work throughout your home, without having to replace the lock system itself. Simply put the lock remains the same but the old key will no longer operate it.

This process is completed by taking the lock apart and replacing the key pins and tumblers to make way for a new key! Every series of key pins in your lock correspond to a specific key, so by changing the pins you are effectively rendering the old key useless.

Replacing Your Locks

Replacing your locks is a straightforward process that requires a user to replace all locks in their home so that key and lock both match. Replacing the locks is often the most common route taken for landlords, business owners, and homeowners when a tenant moves out, a key goes missing, or for any reason whatsoever!

Opt For Keyless Entry!

Opting for keyless entry can provide a slew of benefits, one primary aspect being convenience. keyless entry can simplify your needs whether you are a homeowner or business owner as it eliminates the need for traditional keys. No longer do you have to worry about replacing keys, losing keys, or having to change locks after a tenant or employee leaves. It is also possible to provide visitors or with temporary access via pin pads.

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