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Full Service Locksmith and Security Solutions in New Bedford, MA

New Bedford, MA is a city in Bristol County with a rich history. It’s best known as the settling point of the Native American tribe known as the Wampanoag. Today, New Bedford is best known for its proximity to Buzzards Bay and its status as a famous old whaling port. With a city so close to the Massachusetts coast, there’s no suspicion as to why people choose to live and work there. If you need top of the line security solutions and a full service locksmith, Ace Locksmith and Security Systems is the place to call! We’re proud to provide our security solutions and locksmith services to New Bedford, MA. 

Our New Bedford, MA Locksmith and Security Services

Whether you own a home, operate a business, manage a retail store or teach at a high school, one of the first things on your mind should be securing your establishment. You want to ensure greater peace of mind and security not just for yourself, but for your employees, students and coworkers. Ace Locksmith provides security for any building by sitting down with you beforehand to formulate a personalized plan. Then, we’ll get to work on installing these systems to perfection to ensure that your building is fortified! Check out some of the security solutions that we offer:

  • FOB Cards
  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems
  • Gun Safes
  • And More!

Ace Locksmith and Security Systems has the tools you need to get yourself out of a jam, secure your building, and give greater peace of mind to those around you. If you need security solutions or locksmith services in New Bedford, MA, click here to contact us directly! You can also visit us in Norwood and view our in-house line of security products!

Robust Security Solutions for Any Application in New Bedford, MA