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How To Maintain Your Home’s Security Systems

If there’s one point that we’ve tried to hammer home, it’s that the security of your residential property is of utmost importance! Getting the most advanced and proven security solutions for your property is a great way to address this concern, but it’s not the only thing you should be doing. To extend the lifespan of your systems and ensure they’re always performing optimally, you should be performing regular maintenance work on them. The maintenance work you do will vary from system to system. We’ll give you a guide to keeping your security systems healthy below!

Security Cameras: Check Batteries And Dust

If your home has security cameras or sensors, do you know if you’re getting the most out of them? The sensitivity of these systems can mean the difference between a burglary and catching the perpetrator, so conducting regular maintenance is crucial. Check your batteries regularly and change those that need them. Contact your alarm system company and wave your hand around the sensors. They should be able to tell you whether or not they triggered! You should also dust your cameras and sensors regularly to prevent them from impacting their effectiveness.

Alarm Systems: Annual Inspections & Diagnostics

In addition to ensuring that your batteries are sound, conducting regular inspections on your alarm systems will help to preserve their functionality. Every alarm system has a control panel, and you can run system diagnostics using it to help identify and correct any issues. If you have a newer alarm system, you can check for system updates to help address any imperfections! Your alarm company should be able to conduct annual inspections as well – which you shouldn’t neglect if you want them to function optimally!

Deadbolts & Locks: Cleaning & Locksmiths

Your deadbolts and locks are the last line of defense between you and an unwanted intruder, so these are arguably the most important to keep maintained! The work you do won’t be as extensive as for your other systems, but it’s still necessary. Regular dusting and cleaning with soap and water will help to stop grime buildup without the damage that comes from harmful chemicals. If you notice an issue with the mechanisms on your locks and deadbolts, consider hiring a locksmith. They’ll be able to restore their functionality – and even improve upon it if your locks are older!

Install New Residential Security With Ace Locksmith

Sometimes, your security systems will be too old or worn out to warrant maintenance work. When this happens, you need the best replacements to help keep your property secure. Ace Locksmith & Security Systems can secure any residential home in Massachusetts with state-of-the-art solutions and appliances. We’ll ensure that your home has everything it needs to fend off intruders for good. Contact us today or visit our store in Norwood to learn more about our security options!

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