A security guard in sunglasses, a security uniform, a white mask and blue gloves uses a walkie talkie in a large shopping mall.

How To Secure Your Retail Business For The Holidays

Securing your retail business at any time of year is always an important task. However, with the holiday season just around the corner, this importance only grows! As more and more people look to buy gifts for their loved ones, the potential for break-ins and robberies is at its highest. In order to ensure that your business doesn’t lose any product stock, you’ll need to properly secure your establishment before the pandemonium sets in. So, how can you accomplish this? We give you some helpful tips below!

Install Video Surveillance

If this isn’t something that your retail business has done already, it might be a good time to start! Security cameras can instantly boost your building’s security. In the event that a break-in does occur, you’ll have immediate video evidence of what’s taking place. This will make it much easier to identify and catch a potential suspect! In addition, these cameras can also work as a deterrent. People will be much less likely to try anything if they know they’re on film, so it’s important to make sure that these cameras are noticeable.

Re-Key Your Doors

Did you know that a lot of shoplifters at retail stores worked for those retail stores in the past? If you aren’t careful, they’ll be able to get access to your building if they’ve copied your store’s keys. In order to prevent this, it may be helpful to change the locks once the holiday season rolls around. If past employees want to try anything, they’ll have to show up during business hours, where they’ll be much more likely to get caught!

Integrate Access Control

You can also control which personnel can gain access to certain areas of your building! If there’s an area that you know is ripe for stealing, you can use solutions like keyless entry systems to bar employees from going there. If you’ve noticed that product stock has gone missing, you’ll be able to know who went into the area and when. This will make it much easier to spot who did it if something were to happen.

Security Solutions With Ace Locksmith and Security Systems

If you’re looking to upgrade your security, there’s no better place to turn to than Ace Locksmith and Security Systems! We can offer security solutions to homes, businesses, educational institutions, offices and even government buildings. We also carry a variety of in-house security products to meet your needs. If you’re looking to keep you and your loved ones safe and have greater peace of mind, contact us today!

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