How To Deter Would Be Burglars

When it comes to having your home, apartment, or vacation home being broken into, it is easier to think that it will never happen to you, and while that may be true, it can never hurt to have a few deterrents in place! While there are many factors that come down to how a home is chosen to be burglarized, this blog will highlight some quick and easy tips to help reduce the likelihood that your home is broken into!

Use Indoor Lights & Timers

If you are planning a trip, have a vacation home, or going away for a few days, having indoor lights on a timer can help to deter any would-be burglar! Since the lights will be on timers, it will make targeting your home difficult as it provides the illusion that someone is home. It is important to note that having different lights with different timers can help to decrease a pattern and make your home less of a target.

Install Motion-Activated Floodlights

Motion-activated floodlights are a great way to provide lighting for your driveway or entryways, but it is also beneficial as it can cover any blind spots surrounding your home! This is good for side doors, long driveways, or even to server as a perimeter around your property. Motion-activated headlights are a great deterrent at night because more often than not, the light will sense movement and turn on before you can even see it – sending any burglar or thief running! Having a few floodlights will not only help protect your home from burglars but can also provide you with valuable light when walking from your driveway to your front door.

Install a Home Security Camera System

Security cameras are one of the best ways to prevent and catch any potential wrongdoer in the act! Not only do cameras work as a deterrent for any home or business but they can record important information if damage is done to the property, or a crime is committed. Most times having a security system in place will deter theft as a home with a complex security system is too much of a hassle for any common thief.

If you are renting but wish to protect your home with video surveillance there are a variety of wifi-enabled options available. Though you may need to talk with your landlord depending on the local and regional laws.

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