Deadbolts Explained

Those of us who aren’t locksmith professionals hear this word a lot. It’s a frequent type of lock found within buildings and homes and is called a deadbolt. A deadbolt has unique benefits that make it so powerful and so successful since its inception. A deadbolt is one of the most effective ways to prevent entry into a building. Ace Locksmith is here to teach you more about the deadbolt, so you can decide if you need one installed on your property.

History Of The Deadbolt

The deadbolt was arguably the first premier security system invented. They go back to the 1800s with only trivial changes since then. A deadbolt is a metal bar located on the inside of the door. It can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder with the proper key. The bar is strong enough to resist almost all types of forced entry. Deadbolts have been gaining popularity since the early 1900s.

Benefits Of The Deadbolt:

Deadbolts cannot be jimmied. This means that no credit card, knife, or any other item that burglars use to get in will work against a deadbolt. This creates instant value for customers because regular spring locks can be broken into easily for an experienced lock picker. This is not to say that deadbolts are perfect. Veteran burglars have the experience of breaking into deadbolts. It just might take longer than usual.

Not All Deadbolts Are Created Equal:

There are generally three levels of deadbolts that determine their level of security. Each is beneficial depending on what you’re trying to protect and have a different level of strength. The cheapest is the ANSI Grade 3; this deadbolt is best used for basic residential security. Ansi Grade 2 can withstand slightly more force than grade 2, as in 5 seventy-five pound strikes to it. The most secure and expensive type of deadbolt is Ansi Grade 1; These types of deadbolts are installed for industrial and commercial buildings with valuables inside. Ace Locksmith can provide different kinds of deadbolts depending on your property and what you want. 

Security At Ace Locksmith

Regardless of if you’re a residential or commercial building owner, you want your building and valuables inside of it safe. Ace Locksmith is one of the premier locksmith and security system installers in Massachusetts. Contact us today or give us a call for more information and the products we offer, including deadbolts!

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