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Cambridge, MA is one of the many cities that makes up the Greater Boston area. With a population of over 100,000 people, there are many attractions that make this city a famous one. Its main claim to fame is being home to two of the country’s most prestigious universities in Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are plenty of exciting places to visit and explore, and they all have one thing in common – they can all benefit from upgraded security from Ace Locksmith!

Locksmith Services & Security Installation in Cambridge, MA

Security and peace of mind should be two of the most important traits on your mind, regardless of what type of building you own. At Ace Locksmith, we recognize that the needs of every building are different. We’ll meet with you beforehand to go over the size and scope of your property before recommending personalized security solutions that cater to your building’s needs. Whether you need to secure an office building, an educational facility, a retail store, or just your home, we’ve got you covered with security products from state-of-the-art manufacturers! Check out some of the solutions we can offer below:



Ace Locksmith is all too familiar with the stress revolving around getting locked out of your home or car. We can take a tense situation and ease it in minutes with our 24/7 locksmith services! We can get you back into your building – regardless of what type it is!

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