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Black Friday Store Security Tips

There are few holidays that are as ripe for thefts and potential break-ins as Black Friday. If you’ve ever seen any viral videos on the holiday, you’ll know exactly what we mean! In order to ensure that your retail store’s Black Friday goes off without a hitch, you’ll need to take necessary security measures. Some of these may differ from your usual best security practices, but they’ll do wonders to protect your business. So, how can I secure my store during Black Friday? We give you some helpful tips below!

Hire Security Officers

Even if your retail establishment doesn’t utilize security officers that often, it may be a good idea to get an added security boost for Black Friday! Even if your store has a lot of security cameras, there are still going to be blind spots that they can’t detect. Not only can the security officers act as the eyes for those spots, but they can also quickly catch theft! The presence of these officers will also help to deter potential shoplifters, acting as a deterrent for your establishment.

Upgrade Your Security Cameras

Just because your security cameras have blind spots doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using them! Like the presence of security guards, cameras can act as an effective deterrent for theft and potential break-ins. If your cameras are on the older side, you may want to consider giving them an upgrade! This will help you to get a sharper image of what’s happening in the area. If theft does occur, the footage from these cameras will make for foolproof evidence! With these present, people will be far less likely to take the risk.

Prepare Your Employees

You shouldn’t just be making sure that your security is prepared for Black Friday. Your employees play an important role here, too! If you’ve already done shoplifting training with your employees, it’s time to give them a refresher. Hold a training session about a week beforehand and discuss the signs they need to look for. The fresher it is in their minds prior to the holiday, the easier it will be to catch any wrongdoing.

Upgrade Your Security With Ace Locksmith and Security Systems

Of course, having the best security on Black Friday means having the most optimal and up-to-date security solutions on the market. You’ll find them in spades with Ace Locksmith and Security Systems! We can secure a variety of establishments and help you determine the best solutions for your application. To learn more about what we can do for you, click here to contact us directly!

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