A closeup of a silver door with an antimicrobial copper door handle attached.

All About Antimicrobial Copper Doors

When you think about adding security to a door, you typically think of adding things like locks, keyless entry and security cameras. However, there’s another method that you can use to improve the safety of your coworkers, customers, guests and family. You can fit your door with an antimicrobial copper handle! Part of protecting the people you care about most is looking out for their health, and these antimicrobial solutions will help you to uphold that. But, what exactly can an antimicrobial copper door do to help? We explain all about these solutions below!

Copper Is The Trick

So, how does an antimicrobial copper door work? The method to their madness is actually more natural than you’d think! The secret to how an antimicrobial copper door functions is based around the middle word: copper. Researchers have found that copper alloys are an excellent repellent of germs and bacteria. Some studies have even found that they can completely eliminate them from their surface in as little as two hours! This property makes copper a key component of this solution.

Practical Applications

Antimicrobial copper doors would be best utilized on a door that people frequently use. Pretty much any retail establishment would see huge benefits from these handles, as most only have one entrance and exit. A lot of hands would touch those doors, so this could prevent the rapid spread of disease! Hospitals would also see a lot of benefit for the same reasons. Doctors, nurses and patients alike could breathe a little easier knowing that the hospital takes the best precautions. Other great areas for antimicrobial copper doors are office buildings, schools and government buildings.


The most common question that gets asked about an antimicrobial door is how it gets installed. Will you have to get an entirely new door to use the new mechanic? The answer is actually no! Antimicrobial copper doors can be fitted onto existing door handles, making the installation process a quick and easy one. They can also fit on a number of types of doors, so they can be used with many existing doors.

Antimicrobial Solutions at Ace Locksmith and Security Systems

At Ace Locksmith and Security Systems, we can install a wide variety of security solutions to fit your needs. We can also secure almost any building and provide you with helpful locksmith services! If you’re looking to bolster your security, we’re the best place to contact. Click here to fill out a contact form and get started!

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